There is a different way to live. There are so many promises in the Scriptures that are beautiful and enormous in scope — but many of us find them hard to believe. We either think that these spectacular promises are not for today or we believe that they may be true for others but not for us.

In a very deep way, we disqualify ourselves from all that Jesus purchased for us on the cross. Externalized religion constantly tells you that you do not qualify! Because externalized religion is based on your personal performance and is a works-based gospel. But, the gospel of Jesus Christ is based on grace and invites you to an internal relationship with Him based on His perfect performance on your behalf! You are now fully qualified because He has qualified you!

Even the basic construct that “God is good” is difficult for many believers to truly believe. When life makes no sense and they find themselves suffering for no apparent reason, it is difficult to believe that “God is good”, and more precisely, that God is good to them personally.

The truth is that God means for us to live victoriously through difficult times and He means for us to enjoy the extraordinary benefits of living an internalized relationship with Him - even when life makes no sense.

The love of God is the purest and most attractive commodity in the universe. One taste of that love and you are addicted forever! We were designed by God to be addicted to Him. We were designed to have His love overflow in our hearts.