Divine Romance

When God created the universe He made it to be overwhelmingly spectacular and extravagant. You only need to walk out on a beautiful clear evening and stare up at the sky and think about the stunning nature of creation. In her culture, women who worked outside and were exposed to the sun, were considered less beautiful than those who did not. In the story she asks herself, “How can anyone love me because of the way I look?” Shortly thereafter, she meets a very handsome man in the fields and it seems that it is love at first sight. They fall madly in love and meet often. She’s so amazed that she has found love and even more amazed that this incredible guy would love her.

One day she’s out in the field working, when she hears the Kings processional party approaching. She sees the resplendent outfits of all the officers and a magnificent carriage. Like all the workers in the fields she goes down on one knee out of respect for the King. To her horror, the king’s carriage stops in front of her and he steps out of his carriage and walks towards her. She looks at his feet and his beautiful shoes but she is too afraid to look up. Then she hears her name being called and she looks up into the face of her lover! She’s utterly stunned! All this time her lover was the king and she did not know it. She is speechless as he takes her hand and brings her to her feet. He leads her into his carriage and takes her back to the palace.

It is like a fairytale and no doubt she feels it is surreal. She a simple field worker now a princess in the palace. She is assigned attendants who bathe her, clothe her, and teach her the behavior of a princess. She has to learn to step into her new role and learn to command with authority and be a lover to the most powerful man in the kingdom. She often meets with the King in their special garden as they spend time together as lovers. Afterwards she notices that she carries his fragrance with her. She’s absolutely captivated by his love and he is captivated by her. An entire book of the Bible known as Song of Songs is dedicated to this one story.

What does the story mean?

The story tells of God’s love for us. We are born into sin and the poverty of that lifestyle. He seeks us out and comes to rescue us. Jesus came to die for us and rescue us from the field of sin and put us in our rightful place at his side in the palace. As fantastic as the story is, the reality in the spiritual realm is even more wonderful for you and for me. Jesus, our heavenly bridegroom came to earth to rescue us and to make us his own. It was never his intention to leave us in the field.

How some tell the story

Now imagine that we tell the story differently. Suppose that the carriage stops in front of the young woman, the King steps towards her while her head is bowed and says, “all your debts are forgiven.” He steps into the carriage and rides off. It is amazing how many believers live as though that’s the story! Jesus came to forgive us our sins – that is true and wonderful. But far more importantly Jesus came to rescue us – redeem us – from the life we had and to place us in a place of spiritual authority so now we are seated with him in heavenly places, as the Scripture says. He did more than forgive our sins, in fact he broke the power of sin and death over us, redeemed us from the life we once knew, and made all things new. The Scripture says that anyone who comes to Jesus becomes a new creation and all the old things passed away and everything becomes new. This means that your old nature of sin died with Christ and now you are resurrected in newness of life with him. You have been given a new nature! You are a brand-new creature! You are the object of his love!