There is a great danger that we intellectualize Christianity. By this I mean that we give mental assent to the concepts of Scripture, but our lives are not transformed by a living relationship with Jesus. It is easy for intellectual believers to get caught up in intellectualized truth rather than receiving revelation from God.


Our minds must be submitted to our spirit. When we make our mind the main thing, we bring enormous restriction to the life flow in our lives. It’s a bit like an hourglass. At the center of the hourglass is a great restriction.

If truth is represented by the grains of sand in the hourglass, then our minds represent the restriction in the middle. God has downloaded truths into our inner being — into our human spirit. The danger we face is to intellectualize revelation. Let’s not take each grain of truth and try to push it through our minds as the total arbiter of truth.

Your spirit is a far more capable arbiter of truth than your intellect. Your spirit is being powered by Heaven and has capabilities that far exceed any extraordinary IQ. Your human spirit has the capacity to receive truth from God in an instant — all the grains of sand arriving at the same time. If, like me, you have a tendency to want to only accept the truth that your mind can fully understand, then you will be taking each grain of sand and pushing it through the tiny constriction of your mind — even if you have an excellent mind. This is the primary reason why so many intellectual believers grow so slowly. Their spiritual growth is hampered by the mind being the arbiter and regulator of truth.

Jesus invites you to live a powerful life with your spirit as the arbiter of truth. He will add understand later. Faith accesses revelation from Heaven in the Spirit. It may take a lifetime for the mind to catch up in understanding.


It is not that the Lord is against the mind. He would not tell us to renew our minds if He did not like them. When the mind is ignited by the human spirit, it comes alive and is empowered to be way more creative, innovative and capable. It is not that God wants you to enjoy your mind less but that He wishes you to enjoy it more.