When God created the universe He made it to be overwhelmingly spectacular and extravagant. You only need to walk out on a beautiful clear evening and stare up at the sky and think about the stunning nature of creation. Everything about creation speaks about God’s all surpassing creativity in diversity, color and unimaginable size!

Living on a pinhead

A few years ago a friend of mine was teaching his science class about the size of the solar system. He used a 15 inch beach ball as the sun. He explain to his class that they would scale the solar system according to the beach ball. This would make the earth about the size of a large pinhead and Jupiter would be the size of a ping-pong ball. He had one child hold the “sun” on the one side of a field and then he had different children each holding a planet the scaled distance from the sun. It surprised the students that the pinhead earth was one third of a football field away from the beach ball and Jupiter was more than two football fields away. This would put Pluto 1 mile away! He asked them how far it would be to the next beach ball (sun). It turns out the next beach ball would be in Shanghai China given that this beach ball is in Atlanta Georgia (6,800 miles away).

If you’re traveling at the speed of light to the next sun (Proxima Centauri) it would take 4.3 years to get there. Let your mind absorb the idea that they are about 100 billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. That is just one galaxy and it is an enormous thing that we cannot visualize. Now imagine 100 billion galaxies that make up the universe! Scientists now believe that the visual part of the universe (the hundred billion galaxies) is only 4% of what universe is made of. They’re estimating that another 21% is made up of dark matter and the remaining 75% is made up of dark energy. They call it dark not because of its color but because they have no idea what it is.
Now here is the real piece of stunning information: of all the things in God’s creation, mankind is God’s finest made in His own image!

The human spirit

That same incredibly powerful Creator made you. The way He made you is equally as spectacular and wonderful. He gave you a core – a human spirit that empowers you to do things that reflect His very nature! He designed you to be amazing and to reflect the wonder of His own creativity and brilliance. He built that into your human spirit. It is that eternal part of you that is not bound by space and time. It is the human spirit that causes us to look for something greater than ourselves to worship. It gives us the instinct that there is much more to life than the physical universe.
He gave you a human spirit to enable you to have the capacity to know Him. This is truly mind blowing! This capacity dramatically exceeds the human mind. Because of your spirit you can interact with the spiritual universe and have an intimate relationship with the Creator himself!
The human spirit does indeed have extraordinary power. When you came to Christ your spirit was made alive to God. What kind of power should that release? The Bible refers to the human spirit as the spirit of a man and in some cases calls the inner man. Obviously the term “man” is referring to a person and used in the sense of mankind.

Anyone who wants to discover what life is like when we live from our human spirit in fellowship with God himself, must understand that the human spirit is the most powerful part of any person. It is the core and eternal part of every human being.

Your human spirit has such other worldly capabilities that it can have fellowship with an eternal and timeless being who created you – God himself! Think about it for a minute. An enormously powerful, perfectly loving Being who lives outside of time and space that dwells in a realm the human mind does not understand and yet lives in you!