This idea that the Kingdom of God is received and not achieved is core to understanding abundant life. If we believe that our performance earns us God’s favor, we are misled and we spend our days trying to earn what we already have. We are favored because of Jesus.

This is the great exchange that took place at the cross: everything there was due to you was put on Jesus; and everything there was due to Jesus was put on you. Think about this for a moment. All your sin, shame, curses, hopelessness, poverty, low self-worth, purposelessness, and meaninglessness was all put on Jesus at the cross. And all that was due to Jesus – the Father’s favor, the Father’s love, forgiveness, purpose and meaning, joy, peace, abundance, hope — was put on you! Wow! That is the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is good news!

Great receivers are people that receive so much that God’s love overflows into every aspect of their lives and then that overflows to everyone around them. These are people who live the abundant life.

Unfortunately, externalized religion has robbed us of this precious truth. It has taught us a performance-based system in which we have to earn everything in God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything we have, we have received from God by grace and grace alone.