Some movies that we watch move us in our emotions or our intellects, but some movies touch us more deeply — they go beyond just our human emotions and touch the very core of our being.

There is something very powerful about the human spirit and when that part of us is ignited we feel very much alive. When we share stories of what God has done it causes people to come alive. The deepest part of them is stirred.

When we are born again, our spirit man is made alive to God. Once we were dead in our sins and in our transgressions, we believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and a spectacular miracle took place. We went from death to life, from an object of wrath to a beloved child, and we became a new creation. In some ways we become more than human because now we are in-dwelt by the eternal God – a perfectly loving being that has taken up residence in our inner man. What a mind blowing concept.

Spiritual things are easily understood by your human spirit. Truths that your spirit understands intuitively may take many years for your mind to understand.

Think about this for a minute. This part of you has enormous capacity — it is so great that it can have fellowship with an eternal God! This eternal Being that spoke the universe into existence now takes residence in your inner man. What extraordinary capabilities your spirit has to make that possible.

The Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom. It is a kingdom that goes beyond time and space, and the only way for us to live in it is to be born of the Spirit and be made alive to God. When you came to Jesus this dramatic transformation happened to you. You were born into a new realm — the Kingdom of God. And in this new realm, you have a faculty to interact and live in this astonishing place.

The kingdom works very differently than our natural world. We are all given a human spirit with the capacity to fellowship with an eternal God, and that capacity is so enormous and so capable that it dwarfs any intelligence or other capability.