Imagine every time you meet somebody, their view is stuck on you like a sticky note. So, there are all sorts of sticky notes that others have stuck on you in their attempt to understand you and interact with you.

Perhaps some of the notes may read: smart, arrogant, humble, quiet, weak, fun, boring, uninteresting, fascinating , etc. But none of these sticky notes are the real you. They may be accurate in some aspects and be completely wrong in others. What’s worse, is that many of the sticky notes would contradict each other depending on context. People at church may find you boring while people at work see you as fascinating. People’s sticky note definitions are created on-the-fly. They do not spend hours contemplating or thinking about it. The sticky note definitions happen automatically as part of normal human interactions. In and of themselves, they are not dangerous until we believe them. It is critical that you do not develop worldly thinking and allow the sticky notes to define who you are.

On occasion, some sticky notes will be aligned with who you truly are in your heart. We need to see people as God sees them. If you’re blessed to have people in your life who take this view of you, you may have many more sticky notes aligned with your heart than most people would have.

Who you are in your heart is the real you. You cannot respond to a collection of sticky notes or be defined by them. There is a deep definition from Heaven that you need to understand. David that said man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart.

Be intentional with who you allow to define you and ensure that those definitions are aligned with who God says you are.