Don’t forget God’s instruction:

“You need not have sympathy for the delusions of the arrogant. Don’t make an effort to support the old ways of thinking and don’t cover for them. Let them lie fallow and broken on the ground. There is no need for sympathy for what I did not author and have not ordained.”

“Mercy given to a merciless lie will only damage you. All such thinking needs to be let go and replaced with the pattern of thinking presented by my word. Look to the dawning of the new day, see the light of its arising. Now it springs up, do you perceive it?”

“I am making all things new. New mercies, new revelation, new joy, new hopes, new encouragements, and new perspectives. Do not cling to the old and especially not to the old that was established on lies. Again I say, be merciless with lies but tender toward the truth.”