Renewing Your Spiritual Lens | Part 01

| 51:21

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Graham Cooke from the "New Man Theology" series.



  • Singing Eagle // 2016:12:18

    I so appreciate this site for teaching and growing in the understanding of who God really is and finding freedom in who He made me to be in the body of Christ. For the last few months, I joyfully listen several times a week and whether I’ve heard the message before or not there is always something I get out of it.  Thank you Graham! ! !

    Beloved // 2015:12:05

    So much anticipation. To see the things I cannot see with my physical eyes. In full and I love what I have seen. God is good ALL of the time, all of the time HE is good….

    Beloved // 2015:12:04

    Did I hear correctly that there is a wedding coming ?

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Graham Cooke